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Automatic Dolphin Poolstyle

Made by Maytronics, one of the worlds largest manufacturers of robot pool cleaners, The Dolphin Poolstyle cleaner is suitable for all types of pool surfaces.

This pool cleaner is simple, reliable and efficient. Simple and reliable because it only has one motor to move the cleaner along the floor and suck up the dirt. Efficient because it moves quickly up and down and never gets stuck. The cleaning brush turns 2 times faster than the robot movement speed to enhance the cleaning and along with a cleaning cycle time of 1 hour 30 minutes your pool floor will be kept clean all season long.

The Dolphin Poolstyle is compatible with small inground and above ground pools. It comes complete with transformer and 12 metre of cable, so therefore it is recommended for pools up to 8m in length. Weighing only 6.3kg, this light weight unit is easy to handle. Putting this cleaner in and taking it out of your pool couldn't be easier. This unit is designed to have quick water release from the underneath of the cleaner for when removing from the swimming pool, ensuring minimal amounts of pool water or debris goes onto your pool surround.

The Easy-Clean net canister is removed by accessing the top of the pool cleaner for ease of cleaning out the collected debris.

  • Compatible with small Inground & Above Ground Pools
  • Max pool size recommended 10m in length
  • Easy clean filtration
  • Brush turns 2x faster than robot movement speed for enhanced cleaning
  • Weight : 6.5kg
  • Cycle time 2 hours
  • 15m Cable length
  • 2 Year Warranty
Poolstyle Automatic Cleaner (Floor Only)Normal Price £1084.00 our price £795.0012m cable, upto 8m length pools, 2 year warranty
Poolstye Automatic Cleaner Plus (Floor and Wall)Normal Price £1180.00 Our price £895.0015m cable, upto 10m length pools, 2 year warranty
Poolstyle Automatic Cleaner (Floor, Wall and Waterline)Normal Price £1480.00 Our price £995.0015m cable, upto 10m length pools, 2 year warranty
Poolstyle Automatic 40i 10T (Floor, Wall and Waterline and App)Normal Price £1935.00 Our price £1450.0018m cable, upto 13m length pools, 2 year warranty


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