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Above Ground Pool Heating Guide

Based on May to September constant water temperature of 26c, providing a solar cover is placed on the water when the pool is not in use.
This is an approximate guide based on average weather conditions and temperatures.

  • Pool heaters require a minimum flow to operate please ensure you have a pump and filter capable of running your heater.
  • If needed we can supply additional pipework and fittings to integrate your new heating product.
Electric 3kw Heater Plug & Play£345.00suitable for 12' diam pools
Electric 6kw Heater£530.00suitable for 15' diam or 18'x9' pools
Electric 9kw Heater£570.00suitable for 18' diam or 18'x12' pools
Electric 12kw Heater£590.00suitable for 24'x12' pools
Electric 18kw Heater£730.00suitable for 30'x15' pools
Heat Pump ELO 2.2kw/3.1kw£425.00suitable for 12' diam pools
Heat Pump Mini 5kw/ 5.8kw£650.00suitable for 15' diam or 18'x9' pools
Heat Pump Mini 7.0kw£770.00suitable for 18'x12' pools
Heat Pump Garden Pac 10.3kw£2058.00suitable for 18' diam pools
Heat Pump Poolstyle 12.5kw£1,965.00suitable for 24'x12'pools
Heat Pump Poolstyle 16.5kw£2,350.00suitable for 30'x15' pools
Heat Pump Optional Bypass£75.00suitable for all above models
Solar Heating 1 x Box A£312.00suitable for pools 12' diam
Solar Heating 1 x Box B£354.00suitable for pools 15' diam
Solar Heating 2 x Box A£624.00suitable for pools 18'x9'
Solar Heating 2 x Box B£708.00suitable for 18' diam or 18'x12' pools
Solar Heating 3 x Box B£1,062.00suitable for 24'x12' pools
Solar Heating 4 x Box B£1,416.00suitable for 30'x15' pools
Solar Heating 3 way valve£36.00 
Solar Heating 2m Roof Angle£10.00 
Solar Heating Roof Paste£15.00 
Solar Heating Original Booster Pump£350.00 


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