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Poolstyle Inverter Heat Pumps C/W WIFI

Ideal for May to September swimming season, powered by an Inverter Compressor, it can adjust the heating capacity from 20% to 100% intelligently according to different heating demands.
When the season starts, and heating demand is high the Poolstyle Inverter and fan run at 100% for fast heating. When maintaining the pool temperature, the Poolstyle Step Inverter runs at low speed for energy saving with a higher COP.

  • 5 years heat exchanger warranty
  • 2 years parts warranty
Poolstyle Heat Pump 7kw up to 30 cubic metre pool£1140.00 
Poolstyle Heat Pump 9kw up to 40 cubic metre pool£1430.00 
Poolstyle Heat Pump 11kw up to 50 cubic metre Pool£1690.00 
Poolstyle Heat Pump 15kw up to 60 cubic metre pool£2290.00 
Poolstyle Heat Pump 18kw up to 70 cubic metre pool£2670.00 
Poolstyle Heat Pump 21kw up to 80 cubic metre pool£3120.00 
Poolstyle Heat Pump 25kw up to 90 cubic metre pool£3590.00 


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