Blue Riband


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Manufactured in the UK by Certikin

  • Up to 94% Condensing efficiency
  • Running costs reduced by up to 30%
  • Tamperproof lockable pool temperature displays in C or F
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Pool connections right or left
Genie 20 – 20kw (68000 BTU) output£3510.00 our price £2799.00 
Genie 35 – 37kw (12000 BTU) output£3888.00 our price £3110.00 
Genie 50 – 50kw (185000 BTU) output£4752.00 our price £3795.00 
Flu Kits  
Genie outdoor terminal£188.00 our price £150.00 
Genie horizontal terminal£86.00 our price £69.00 
Genie vertical terminal£168.00 our price £134.00 
Genie extension pipe 1m length£80.00 our price £64.00 
Genie 90-degree flue bend£80.00 our price £64.00 
Genie 45-degree flue bend – pair£141.00 our price £112.00 
Genie wall mount kit£97.00 our price £77.00 


Blue Riband Pools

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